7 Killer Tips for Getting the Right Staff

It is often tempting to rush your recruitment process when someone hands in their notice due to business demands and occasionally panic that you won’t cope.

This can be really detrimental to your organization though and particularly your culture if you don’t get the right fit.

A good team that gels together can make all the difference to performance of your business.

Here are 7 tips for getting the process of hiring right for a seamless transition from leaver to new starter.

Tip 1 – Decide what the business needs right now.

When someone hands in their notice it is important to take a step back and look your business needs today. Sometimes the business has evolved and moved forward or may have different requirements so a like for like replacement is not always the answer.

Tip 2 – Right a detailed job ad

Attracting the right candidates is crucial to your hiring success so don’t skip this part of the process. Take some time to write a detailed job spec and create an engaging ad which has rich keywords and showcases your Employer Brand. This way you will get a great response of well targeted applicants.

Tip 3 – Target your advertising wisely

Advertising your roles can be a costly exercise if they are not placed in the right media. Either use a good multi-poster who do some research as to where the candidates you are looking for are searching for work. There are specialist job boards for each sector or use the national job boards for better value.

Tip 4 – Hire slowly – Fire Fast

This was a great piece of advice when I first started out in business. Making time for interviews can be hard and it can be frustrating to have to see a broad selection of candidates but it will cost the business a lot less in the long run. If you’re pushed for time, use tools like Skype or online interviewing platforms to narrow your shortlist.

Tip 5 – Host a professional interview and ask the right questions

Making a good first impression is a two way street. Companies that don’t see the value in hosting a fair and professional interview will miss out on potential future candidate referrals and may damage their reputation as a good employer.

Tip 6 – Allow short-listed candidates to have some time in your business to see how they settle in

If your short-listed candidates ask to come and spend some time with you and your team this can be a really useful way of seeing if they will fit in and whether you are making the right hire. Although it can be a pain having to organize something for them to do for the day, it is often worth it’s weight in gold to give someone a work trial.

Tip 7 – Use a psychometric test such as DISC which can give you valuable insight

If you want some real peace of mind when it comes to making your hiring decision we recommend sending a little cash on a test, such as, DISC to give you some deeper insight in to your short-listed candidates. This can tell you their preferred style of working and interacting with others and whether they are actually a good fit for the role.

For more information, see our partner resources on DISC profiling.

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