Why Americans Hire Their Staff Directly & What They Can Teach the UK

Why Americans Hire Their Staff Directly & What They Can Teach the UK

When compared to the UK business sector, American companies have a much stronger preference for hiring their staff directly rather than going through a third party such as an employment agency. Why is this?

Well for a start Americans tend to prefer a more hands on approach when it comes to business generally but there are also many key benefits that come from this approach and whilst they do still use employment agencies, there’s still a strong preference for hiring directly in comparison to UK businesses.

Advantages of Hiring Directly

Below are some of the key advantages of hiring directly :-

• Saving Time – Whilst keeping the recruitment process entirely in-house might require a great investment of time initially it can actually save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. For example if an employee sent from an agency turns out to be unsuitable for the job then you have to start the whole recruitment process again whereas you can ensure that you get the right candidate from the start when hiring yourself.

• Saving Money – Hiring directly can also help you make substantial savings by cutting out expensive agency fees. There are many jobsites where you can recruit candidates directly, such as www.Gumtree.com, www.Monster.co.uk and www.Fish4Jobs.co.uk to name but a few as well as in local and national newspapers.

• Finding the Best Talent – This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring directly. Often when hiring through job agencies, they’ll improve the CV’s of the employees they have on their books before sending them out, which can mean you don’t get a true impression of a candidate. When hiring directly you can be sure that you’re getting a true impression of the candidates you interview and can make an informed decision about who you’re going to hire.

Will The UK Follow Suit?

Whilst there are a lot of businesses in the UK that do hire directly, there are just as many that choose to go through employment agencies. That said, smart businesses are recognising the upward trend and are now realising the benefits that come with hiring directly and are following the example set by American companies.

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